Justice for over-taxed motorists


Over 30 million motorists have been taken for granted for too long. We are seen as cash cows for the limited services we receive, and are treated unreasonably by many authorities. In a RAC survey of drivers, published in June 2011, an incredible 99% felt that the ‘War on the Motorist’ was still going on, and only 1% believed that it had been ended!

This website is campaigning for a fair deal for the motorist (particularly in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham). Don’t suffer in silence – the authorities are banking on you giving up and just putting up. Thank you for your support....




Stand up for your rights! ‘20’ in Hammersmith & Fulham is highly objectionable

Conjuring up support for ‘20’ in Hammersmith & Fulham


hasty&  flawed

Borough-wide ‘20’ plan in Hammersmith & Fulham



‘It’s only your money’!! Find out how it’s being wasted

Surprise? Some casualty figures for H & F


More equal than others? How drivers are losing out from the ideological push for cycling


In a hurry? Just read our summary of points on road pricing plans


The camera never lies? (interim link).


ABD discussion paper on air quality and health (2015)


Greed awareness on speed awareness courses, etc. The AMPOW campaign raises important issues.



Two-O is Too Slow! Why blanket 20mph zones will not improve road safety and could endanger lives.


Fixed Penalty Notice consultation is a try-on – diverting the course of justice?






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How you can help (plus contact details)


See how ‘the war on the motorist’ is still going on, despite promises to end it


Drivers’ poll shows cost and privacy concerns in moves towards road pricing

The Infrastructure Act –enabling back door tolls and  new threats to drivers













A network that’s the envy of the world? Plans for England’s main roads [2013]


Back door tolls? A Highways Agency ‘commercialisation’ consultation loophole [2013].


EU cracking.jpg

‘Euro vision for tolls?’

– [ext link, 2013]



Road pricing for lorries –the pilot, but also a nightmare for the Government?

mousetrap \

Setting the road pricing trap! Government follow-up to the Cook report [2012]


A14 toll – stopped by driver backlash for now, but the threat from ‘Big Brother’ remains...



EU ‘TEN’ plans with creeping road pricing- lorries first


Highway Robbery! Cook’s ’Independent’ report suggests fleecing the public [2011]

Road safety tips for young motorcyclists from Joe Thomas (PDF).

The campaign for fuel price cuts must not be a Trojan Horse for road pricing



‘Boris to meet his Waterloo? Anti-motorist blitz planned for London?’ (Archive)





‘Won’t get fuelled again?  More  pain at the pumps (Archive)


‘Who speaks for drivers?’ (Archive)


‘A Magna Carta for drivers’ (Archive)

ABD manifesto

Election 2015: A manifesto for drivers (PDF) (Archive)


£££No vehicles allowed£££

Video and Competition: Does your council give you the Hump? (Archive)

Candidate letters on road pricing - in the 2015 General Election (Archive)





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