Justice for over-taxed motorists



This website is campaigning for a fair deal for the motorist in London. More people would be opposed to the Mayor’s Transport Strategy proposals such as the Khangestion Charge across Greater London and other anti-motorist measures – if only they knew about them!


If enough motorists stand up for themselves and show they won’t be bullied, the Mayor will have to back down. We need your support.


Here are some ways that you can help us to help you.


NB the MTS consultation closed on 2 October, so this page is largely left for historic reasons. However you can still lodge objections with GLA bodies, your elected representatives etc.




·       Tell your friends about our campaign, and get them to do the same.

·       Register your support for our London campaign

·       Make a donation to support our London campaign.

·       Download a sample London campaign leaflet to print or send on.



·       Write to the national press in support of our campaign. (Quick links).

·       Write to the local press – particularly if there’s a hot local issue

·       Have your say in a phone-in, such as on LBC or TalkRadio

·       You can often comment online, including on blogs and social networking sites. Don’t forget the main motoring titles.



Contact your elected representatives and ask them for action:

·       Westminster Parliament – on national issues, such as tax

·       Local council – on local streets and charges

·       London government – e.g. a GLA representative who is there to hold the Mayor’s office to account. Ask them to do something to stand up for motorists’ interests.



·       Offer our campaign hands-on help, particularly with spreading the word locally. Maybe you can also think of practical improvements that will make the roads better for motorists, ideas which the Mayor and TFL could not be bothered to consider?

You can write to PO Box 13199, London SW6 6ZU or campaign ‘AT’ fairdealforthemotorist.org.uk  (making ‘AT’ a @).

·       Request a supply of our London campaign leaflet for distribution – from the address above; otherwise text or ring 07976-414913.

·       Run a website?  Give our campaign a mention and provide a link

·       Lobby your business or community interest group to mention our campaign (and ideally to promote it).

·       Write a piece for a community or trade journal (e.g.).



Don’t forget – apart from this campaign, you can

help us to make a difference over other issues.







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