Much effort has been put into campaigning for a fair deal for the motorist, with some success (getting rid of the unwanted ‘Kengestion Charge’ (Western Extension Zone) in West London in 2010.

This is an edited archive page as the consultation closed on 12 Jan 2010. It is hoped that the guidance can be adapted elsewhere, though.


·       In London, the Mayor’s Transport Strategy is out as a consultation document. There are some extreme and ill-thought through proposals.

Everyone with Greater London connections is urged to oppose them, but responses must be received by 12 January 2010.

·       The volume of responses will be important in showing that you don’t want to be priced off the road or hit by repressive measures. You don’t need to reply in detail or at length – but please take ten minutes to send in something!

You may wish to consider some of our considered comments on the proposals, but please use your own words and request an acknowledgement.

You can use the ‘document’ link at the top if you wish to reply online. Or you can email mts ‘AT’ london.gov.uk (swapping @ for ‘AT’). Responses can be sent as text, MS-Word or PDF documents.

Consultation responses may also be sent by post to: Mayor of London Transport Strategy, PO Box 65064, London SE1P 5GE.

·       A number of campaign groups were active in this period; for instance ABD submitted an official response to the Mayor’s Transport Strategy and produced standard letters for the public to adapt.

This campaign is pleased to lend its weight to the campaign against the extension started by the West London Residents’ Association (and featured on its former website: www.stoptheextension.com).







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