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Motorists pay too much



In ballpark figures, the government takes about £50 billion a year from motorists and spends only a fraction of that - £8 billion - on us.

Even enthusiasts for ‘green taxes’ have to admit that motorists are taxed through the nose – over five times the going rate for carbon.

With family budgets under pressure, this campaign is running an AXE THE TAX campaign, in which we will be exposing the unfair tax burden and calling for a fairer tax regime:

The campaign calls for the government to:

·       Axe the fuel duty escalator, started by Labour but suspended after public pressure by Chancellor George Osborne. His ‘Fair Fuel Stabiliser’ would only give a standing 1p relief, and is not guaranteed.

·       Axe stealth taxes like road tolls – particularly the Dartford Crossing tolls, which were promised only until the costs were recovered – and which look like becoming a broken promise. Also the levy on motor insurance – a tax on being responsible.

·       Axe plans to promote road pricing (initially for lorries, but the technology could easily be used for cars). Also the ‘Workplace Parking Levy’, imposed in Nottingham from 2012, but potentially also in other places if ‘business consultation’ can be managed.

·       Crack down on questionable local parking charges, which are often well in excess of their officially-claimed purposes.

·       Instead, tackle the considerable waste in public spending and invest more in road transport.



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