The campaign is pleased to receive endorsement of its underlying principles from some respected public figures in a personal capacity.



Neil Herron

Neil Herron, champion of public choice in weights & measures, and ‘Parking Appeals’ service.



Peter Hulme Cross, Member of the Greater London Assembly, 2004-8

Honest John

‘Honest John – The Dealer You Can Trust’ advice website


Tom Conti

Tom Conti, popular actor




Damian Hockney, publisher and Member of the Greater London Assembly, 2004-8




Disclaimer: Featuring public figures on this page should not be interpreted as them necessarily supporting any specific organisation, policy or initiative, nor is there necessarily any mutual endorsement.



The following public figures are not to the best of our knowledge connected with our campaign, but have at some time spoken out about some aspect of the treatment of motorists:


Sir Stirling Moss, Noel Edmonds, Nigel Havers, Ewan McGregor, Samantha Bond, Emilia Fox, Sir Terry Wogan, Jools Holland, Lemar, Richard Fairbrass (‘Right Said Fred’), Dizzee Rascal, Michael Winner.


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