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‘A dependable friend’ or ‘Your money or your way of life’?



I'm a friend of the motorist …We can help families by cutting fuel taxes when global prices rise. That's the kind of real, responsible difference to motorists a Conservative government would bring

(This was David Cameron in an interview, published 29.4.10, appealing for general election votes). What has happened since?

        ‘Labour’s initial duty rises’ kept (until rising public disquiet)

        VAT on fuel up to 20%

        And whatever happened to the ‘Fair Fuel Stabiliser’? There is the threat of an ‘inflation plus’ escalator from 2012, if North Sea gas and oil takings don’t materialise. Otherwise, already record fuel taxes are due to go up by at least inflation (RPI).


Fuel duty rises don’t just hit those who need to drive to work – they hit everyone in the pocket as they push up the price of goods in the shops. And, as price inflation rises, other household costs such as rail fares rise even more. Unfortunately our earnings and savings don’t keep apace.

Over 100 MPs protested. Fair fuel UK have a good summary.

We are calling for the Chancellor to scrap any future rise of about 3p/litre +VAT (that’s about 16p per gallon in old money!) planned for this Parliament – it really isn’t necessary!

The body that represents the shrinking number of filling stations, the RMI, is concerned at misleading reports on fuel duty:

Treasury officials are trying to spin their way out of the current debate over fuel duty by suggesting that they are giving £4 billion back to the motorist by deferring previous duty increases

said RMI Petrol Chairman, Brian Madderson.

The government is banking on you giving up and just paying up. Don’t suffer in silence – get onto your MP and make your feelings known in the media – papers can withhold personal details like name or address.

Also, don’t believe propaganda from groups on the government’s side like the RAC Foundation, who are nudging that the government will need to find new sources of income from drivers ‘as vehicles become more fuel efficient’.

At present, drivers broadly pay five times over to use the road. If fuel duty was abolished (which would be against EU law), they would still pay twice over the odds. Even if there was a small drop in fuel consumption, they would only be overtaxed maybe four and a half times over.

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