Email exchange on 13 March 2016, abridged for brevity and privacy. Emphasis and link added.


From:   Brian Mooney

Sent:    13 March 2016 17:43

To:       'Cllr Cowan Stephen'

Cc:       'Cllr Harcourt Wesley'; 'Cllr Culhane Larry'; 'Bainbridge Chris'; 'Siddiqi Mahmood'

Subject:RE: Enquiry on LBHF policy


Dear Stephen,


Thank you at least for the prompt reply.


In July, you urged people to vote Yes in the consultation when you wrote:

Please Vote Yes For A 20 MPH Hammersmith And Fulham

"You have a chance to make that happen because H&F Council is consulting residents on the

proposals to cut speed limits to 20mph for all residents. My fellow Labour councillors said we’d do

that before the election and wrote that pledge into our manifesto"  



Funny then that the official LBHF consultation booklet put it

(Question 1, exact wording)

"Do you support a borough-wide 20mph speed limit on roads managed by Hammersmith and

 Fulham Council?"



In your blog, 1 June 2014, you wrote:

Shortly after the results were announced on Friday morning I formally sent the Council’s Chief Executive

our manifesto and instructed him to have his officials start work on its implementation. The due

process of its delivery will form the council’s programme over the next four years.



...and the LBHF Information Management Team wrote to me on 7 Sept 2015

in the context of a Freedom Of Information Request:

“H&F’s IR Response: H&F did not gather or use any casualty data or statistics as supporting information

 to lead to the decision to proceed with the consultation, taken on 06 October 2014, as the proposal

was developed in line with the Labour group’s manifesto document ‘The change we need’”



So in the absence of any other clarification, many people could be excused for regarding the scope of

the manifesto and the consultation proposal as effectively contiguous, making allowances for 3 TFL-run

roads  – not least LBHF’s own staff.


With best wishes,





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From: Cllr Cowan Stephen 

Sent: 13 March 2016 15:50

To: Brian Mooney

Cc: Cllr Harcourt Wesley; Cllr Culhane Larry; Bainbridge Chris; Siddiqi Mahmood

Subject: RE: Enquiry on LBHF policy


Dear Mr Mooney


I really don't know why you would say that it has ever been our policy "that 20mph on *all* borough-

managed roads" was an "administration manifesto commitment". It has never been this administration's

policy to make 'all' the borough's council-managed roads 20 mph. I don't know where that came from as

the H&F Labour Manifesto (which I attach) is clear on that point.


The cabinet paper provides full details of exactly what the council will now do. That is exactly what we

will stick to and we will not do anything other than stick to that. I hope that's clear.


Yours sincerely


Cllr. Stephen Cowan

Labour Councillor for Hammersmith Broadway ward

Leader, The London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham Hammersmith Town Hall, London, W6 9JU




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From: Brian Mooney

Sent: 13 March 2016 15:31

To: Cllr Cowan Stephen

Subject: Enquiry on LBHF policy


Dear Stephen,


My contact at LBHF advises that on Monday night, the Cabinet accepted the Report proposing 'Nearly

Borough-Wide 20mph'.


Can you confirm, please, that 20mph on *all* borough-managed roads is no longer an administration

manifesto commitment?


And that there will be no initiatives to complete the spread of 20mph limits onto the remaining

borough-managed roads?


Many thanks,