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From : wesley.harcourt@lbhf.gov.uk

Date : 20/12/15 - 12:55 (GMTST)

To : Resident4, stephen.cowan@lbhf.gov.uk

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Subject : RE: No to borough-wide 20mph!


Dear Resident4


I am sorry to say that you have been misinformed regarding the outcome of the consultation as we

haven't yet made our minds up on what roads will be included in the 20mph extension. There is also no

blanket 55% majority against the scheme. I will set out what actually happened and what we're now

considering doing.


There were three questions about the possible extension of 20mph to all roads in the borough. The

answers that came back can be summarised as:


*       Yes (45%)

*       Yes but not on the roads listed by each person who responded (26%)

*       No (29%)


So in short there is a 71% majority to introduce the 20mph on all the roads that were not specified by

the residents who kindly took part in the consultation. Within the 26% there are some roads which lots

of people specified as not wanting a speed limit change and there are others with only a small number

of objections. I have asked officials to carry out a full analysis of those figures and my colleagues and I

are yet to have a meeting to conclude what the council will do.


I am keen that we get this right and so we're looking very carefully at all consultation responses,

accident data, etc. Any 20mph scheme we introduce will be paid for by TfL not the council.


Best wishes and Merry Christmas




Councillor Wesley Harcourt

Cabinet Member for Environment, Transport & Residents Services

LB Hammersmith & Fulham

King Street


W6 9JU



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