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From: Cllr Harcourt Wesley <wesley.harcourt@lbhf.gov.uk>

To: Resident5

CC: Cllr Cowan Stephen <stephen.cowan@lbhf.gov.uk>

Sent: Mon, 21 Dec 2015 15:04

Subject: RE: proposed 20mph speed limits in H & F



Dear Resident5


Thank you for your email. I am afraid you have been badly misinformed about what we’re doing.

We consulted residents on our manifesto commitment (see attached page 12) to extend the 20mph

speed limit. I don’t know why anyone would say we have already decided to “bring in a 20mph speed

limit on all of its [the council’s] roads”, or that we are planning to not respect the results of the

consultation or that the consultation concluded that 55% of people are against an extension of the

20mph speed limit. All those statements are thoroughly untrue.


We gave residents three options asking if people agreed to extend 20mph speed limit. The

answers that came back can be summarised as:


                   Yes to all roads (45%)

                   Yes but not on the roads listed by each person who responded (26%)

                   No, not on any more roads (29%)


So in short there is a 71% majority to introduce the 20mph on all the roads that were not

specified by the residents who kindly took part in the consultation. Within the 26% there are some roads

which lots of people specified as not wanting a speed limit change and there are others with only a small

number of objections. I have asked officials to carry out a full analysis of those figures and my colleagues

and I are yet to have a meeting to conclude what the council will do.


I’m afraid those that are putting out leaflets saying we’re not respecting the results of the public

consultation either don’t know what they’re talking about or are deliberately seeking to mislead people.

Either way it is not a sensible way to approach this important matter.


We also held two of the council’s new public Policy and Accountability Committee (PAC)

meetings on this subject. They were well attended by people who came from all perspectives both for

and against and they were able to play an full role in the discussions. You might find the paper that went

before the public PAC meeting interesting:




So far from trying to ignore the public we are going much further than the council has ever gone

before to actively engage our residents before we make major decisions. I assure you I am keen that we

act in accordance with public opinion on all matters and plan to do that on this issue.


May I take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Christmas




Councillor Wesley Harcourt

Cabinet Member for Environment, Transport & Residents Services

LB Hammersmith & Fulham

King Street


W6 9JU



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